Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Enjoying a bit of Mulawi...

on this Wednesday clothed with the ornament of justice...

Tale of Solomon and the gnat.
A gnat came in from the garden and fields,
And called on Solomon for justice,
Saying, "O Solomon, you extend your equity
Over demons and the sons of Adam and fairies.
Fish and fowl dwell under the shelter of your justice;
Where is the oppressed one whom your mercy has not sought?
Grant me redress, for I am much afflicted,
Being cut off from my garden and meadow haunts."
Then Solomon replied, "O seeker of redress,
Tell me from whom do you desire redress?
Who is the oppressor, who, puffed up with arrogance
Has oppressed you and smitten your face?"
The gnat replied, "He from whom I seek redress is the Wind,
'Tis he who has emitted the smoke of oppression at me;
Through his oppression I am in a grievous strait,
Through him I drink blood with parched lip!"
Solomon replied to him, "O sweet voiced one,
You must hear the command of God with all your heart.
God has commanded me saying, 'O dispenser of justice,
Never hear one party without the other!'
Till both parties come into the presence,
The truth is never made plain to the judge."
When the Wind heard the summons, it came swiftly,
And the gnat instantly took flight.
In like manner the seekers of God's presence-seat,
When God appears, those seekers vanish.
Though that union is life eternal,
Yet at first that life is annihilation!

Astonished!? So am I. Cat boys wanted to hear this story, maybe just for relaxation...

Wishing all a beautifully just day with opportunities to practice justice, that best beloved of all things...



  1. Oh Vicki, you are too sweet! Made me smile...


  2. Thanks for your comment and for letting me know the link wasn't working. Fixed now! Your cats look so contented.

  3. Now I can check it out...thank you. The cats do know how to get into the contented zone, I need to practice...

  4. The one I shut and one open is adorable. Augustus is simultaneously napping and alert. That is an advances skill not to be tried by lesser creatures.;-)

  5. ...peace & togetherness...such sweetness...

  6. I meant to say "eye" and not "I". Sorry!

  7. ...can you send some Mulawi my way???


  8. LBR...I knew what you meant, I was so happy that you made ONE mistake for every 20 that I do ; )

    Nancy, yes...togetherness and peace, what concepts

    Pucat likes Mulawi...oh, will sure send you more, we kitties ought to go to our kitty cafe and read poems and stories.