Thursday, July 23, 2009

This way or that way? That is the question.

Sometimes the question is not 'to be or not to be', rather it is 'should we face this way or that way?', and that is a very good question.

This way is useful for keeping an eye on the opposite sides of the street

but this way shows more order and unity.

This way does not seem to be very useful (only to check if something is stuck to our derrieres)

whereas this way we can give each other a lovely peck on the cheek.

So we are voting to go for this way, both heading in the same direction,

by each others' sides

walking this path together.

And then we read together,

During the last six thousand years nations have hated one another, it is now time to stop. War must cease. Let us be united and love one another and await the result. We know the effects of war are bad. So let us try, as an experiment, peace, and if the results of peace are bad, then we can choose if it would be better to go back to the old state of war! Let us in any case make the experiment. If we see that unity brings Light we shall continue it. For six thousand years we have been walking on the left-hand path; let us walk on the right-hand path now. We have passed many centuries in darkness, let us advance towards the light. (Abdul-Baha in London)

Wishing all a majestic Thursday with many cat kisses.