Friday, July 3, 2009

A holiday means late morning...

As a holiday treat I decided to go to an early morning YOGA class at the Yoga Kingdom Sanctuary, a rather spur of the moment decision because advance planning is inhibiting to me. Yes, I did it, and hence, no time for the 5 a.m. blog post. Upon return I followed the doodles out and about because they expect our morning and evening walks, and I took these pictures.

A casual stroll about the courtyard to make sure everything was alright...

Looking up at the skies (and incidentally, I always take these reverse leaf pictures because I am curious to see what my doodles see)

Ollie hops into the big planter where he usually hides his toys...'The Ollie Plant'

And Augustus likes to rest in this pot, 'The Augustus Plant'

The doodle boys are besides themselves, in and out, left and right, up and down. This is their hearts' desire...I am thrilled to be able to sit, drink coffee, and read my favorite blogs.

A beautiful Friday to all, and remembering that today's divine attribute is that of independence, a lucky coincidence!



  1. ...oh~my...& today...i had to i'd rather be...

    in a planter pot...

    with your dear Augustus &...

    your oh~so sweet Ollie...

    they've got quite THE life...wouldn't you agree?!?

  2. No kidding dear friend,,,I'd rather be sitting in a pot too. I hope you have Monday off!

  3. I used to go with a friend to a Kundalini yoga studio in Pasadena. I don't know its name. I did love that place.

    Hope you and the kitties had a nice and relaxing 4th.

  4. Dear LBR,

    I will have to look up Kundalini, just out of curiosity. I like the YKS a lot but really don't go there enough.
    The fourth was nice, so much so that I don't want Monday to come so early. Hope you had great fun.